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Speed to market
  • use existing skills and hardware
  • no steep learning curve for new programming languages
  • no formal training needed
  • DONT compromise security by using other platforms
  • Integrated transaction manager
  • 256-bit encrypted transaction ID
  • based on stable AS/400 platform
No formal training
  • uses existing RPG expertise, learn in hours, no training costs!
  • Requires only generic RPG and HTML skills.
Any RPG version
  • use RPGIII, RPGIV, with OPM or ILE, all supported equally. FreeStyle-400 even supports COBOL!
  • Java free environment meaning no foreign language skills required
  • your RPG developers don't spend months trying to learn new languages and methodologies
Multi-environment and language
  • designed to support multi-language setup
  • seperate Dev, Test, UAT and Live environments - same installation. NO additional costs.
Any Web browser
  • Microsoft, Netscape, Opera, any Internet browser will work
  • No additional costs or support for client software
Single license fee
  • UNLIMITED developers
  • UNLIMITED clients/web site visitors
  • UNLIMITED pages
  • UNLIMITED applications
Easy Integration
  • Reuse new and existing business rules held in existing programs
  • Fully configurable System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support including IFS
No consulting fees
  • Warranty and ASUS includes UNLIMITED support for installation, configuration, implementation, and operation
  • no hidden costs, no unexpected bills
Eliminates "interactive" processing requirements
  • No need for additional 'interactive' hardware upgrades!
  • Get the most for your hardware money, run everything in batch
Support and installation
  • Full Email and telephone support
  • ASUS customers receive free upgrades and continued support
  • Sample applications and code included to kick-start your developments
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