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"...possibly the best web development tool I have seen to date.... If you have an AS/400 and are looking for a web presence, you could do yourself or your company a lot of good by taking a look at FreeStyle-400."

David George, Product Review

"We were 99% committed to the Java route for our Internet/Intranet development until we found out about FreeStyle-400. We needed the flexibility and security provided by the iSeries and our RPG developers who know our systems. FreeStyle-400 allowed us to use our existing pool of developers without any costly training, sub-contracting or steep learning curves. We had a very tight timescale to deliver our initial application to several key distributors. FreeStyle-400 allowed us to hit this deadline comfortably - we completed our first project to provide order and product visibility to key distributors in less than one month. We will continue to add functionality to the site using new/forthcoming features of the product. We're now looking at other areas of our business that could benefit from browser-based access. We are very pleased that we found out about FreeStyle-400 in the nick-of-time."

John Hunter, MIS Manager, AVX Ltd.

"My customer required an on-line library system for supply chain management of their 40,000 publications. They have been offered Unix based solutions but the logistics required to export their database and documents would itself be a costly 3 year project. The information already resides on their AS/400 so no additional hardware is required. FreeStyle-400 allowed me to provide a quick, comprehensive and cost effective solution to my customer that has been rolled out across their internal supply chain."

David Ruddick, iSeries Consultant, Data Management Resources

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