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Having to learn new languages and methodologies should no longer prevent your development team from building powerful web applications for your business.

This is why FreeStyle-400 was designed; to allow you to use existing skills such as ILE RPG and RPG III to develop your dynamic browser-based (see uses) ebusiness applications, running on your iSeries - AS/400 platform.

Here are some of the reasons we think FreeStyle-400 should be at the top of your list:

Speed to Market
- use existing skills/hardware, no new languages, no steep learning curve, no formal training, no hardware upgrades, get on the Web NOW!

Single license fee
- UNLIMITED developers, UNLIMITED clients/web site visitors, UNLIMITED pages, UNLIMITED applications

No consulting fees
- Warranty and ASUS includes UNLIMITED support for installation, configuration, implementation, and operation.

No formal training
- uses existing RPG expertise, learn in hours, no training costs! Requires only generic RPG and HTML skills.

Annual Support and Update Service (ASUS)
- available from all FreeStyle-400 distributors; gives you UNLIMITED support and updates - no hidden costs, no unexpected bills

Extend RPG
- take current RPG business rules and logic to the Web, leverage existing RPG.

Unlimited projects
- one license drives Web applications for ALL of your business units and projects

Security enhanced
- DONT compromise security by using other platforms, build on your secure and reliable iSeries - AS/400 server. We've added a 256-bit encrypted transaction manager and other security features for good measure.

Any Web browser
- Microsoft, Netscape, Opera, any Internet browser will work. No additional costs or support for client software.

Eliminates "interactive" processing requirements
- No need for additional 'interactive' hardware upgrades! Get the most for your hardware money, run everything in batch.

Multi-environment and language
- "development", "test", "user test" AND "live" ; seperate environments - same installation. NO additional costs.
- designed to support multi-language setup

Any RPG version
- use RPGIII, RPGIV, with OPM or ILE, all supported equally. FreeStyle-400 even supports COBOL!
- Java free environment meaning no foreign language skills required, so your RPG developers are not spending months trying to learn new languages and methodologies.

Distributed by established vendors
See our partners section for further details.