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What is FreeStyle-400 Director?

FreeStyle-400 Director is a new enhancement to FreeStyle-400 designed specifically for the iSeries or AS/400 platform. It allows system developers to easily bring the level of sophistication that is often demanded by complex browser-based applications.

It consists of two components:
  • A browser-based Application to manage users, applications, authorities and to configure menus
  • Set of programmer functions to integrate authority management into all web applications
FreeStyle-400 Director is a FREE enhancement for all new and currently supported FreeStyle-400 customers.

FreeStyle-400 Director Benefits

Secured User Access and Administration
Allows you to administer which users gain access to your applications and programs. This can be specified at user, group or organisation level, allowing a fully flexible authorisation structure.

Function Authorisation
Gives you the ability to designate which users have access to functions such as view, create, delete or copy within your applications.

Dynamic Menu Builder
Combine FreeStyle-400 Director programmer functions and the Administration application to create your own totally customisable dynamic database driven menus
Automatic generic Table File creation
Set-up and configure generic table files and maintenance functions for all your applications without having to code 100's of additional programs. Within a few clicks you'll have created a new table type and be entering business data, instead of waiting days for new functions to be programmed.

Customisable Look
FreeStyle-400 Director is shipped with a generic look and feel but with the visual source code (HTML) provided, it allows you to define such things as fonts, colours, graphics and even layout.